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Three Health Benefits of a Properly Working Air System

Three Health Benefits of a Properly Working Air System

Keeping your air system up and running properly isn’t just a matter of making your house feel good; it is a critical part of keeping your house a healthy home. Air that isn’t filtered properly or circulated well can become fouled, carry pollutants, or cause your system to fail when it must work. 

Humidity Control

One of the biggest things a properly working air system will do is effectively distribute humidity throughout your house. When it isn’t working properly, moisture can pool in bathrooms or vents, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. In the worst-case scenario, mold and mildew can bloom in a moist vent which can cause severe allergies and health problems for everyone in the house.

Airborne Particulates and Pollutants

With a proper HEPA filter, you can significantly reduce the amount of particulates in the air. Microparticulates clog up your alveoli, making it harder to breathe. They can also be triggers of asthma and other chronic breathing conditions, which can have severe complications if not handled correctly. But by regularly checking your HEPA filter, you can keep breathing easy, even when the air outside is murky.

Reduction of Heat Stress

Beating the heat is one of the big reasons people install central air systems, but when more extreme weather events happen, they must work at peak efficiency. A system that can easily handle an 80-degree day may struggle when temperatures creep up into the 90s, where heat can easily be fatal if you aren’t prepared. Systems that haven’t had their coolant checked, their heat exchangers cleaned, and their filters replaced will have to exert more energy to achieve the same output. Without proper maintenance, they may not be able to keep you cool when you need it most. 

Keeping Your System Tuned Up

If you’re unsure when your central air system was last tuned up, or you think it might be due, call us today so we can lend a hand.

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