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Signs of Bad Air

Signs of Bad Air

Having fresh, clean air is vital to living a happy, healthy, comfortable life. However, if you’re exposed to bad air, you may not immediately realize it. That means you might not take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Here are some ways that you can detect if you have poor air quality.

Bad Odor

Things like mold, mildew, dust, and other debris cause many causes of bad air. These things also tend to leave a noticeable smell, often a musty or foul odor that doesn’t disappear when you clean.

High Humidity

Another sign that you could have bad air quality is if you have high humidity in your home. In hotter and wetter environments, mold and fungi thrive, so high humidity levels mean higher chances of having poor air quality.

Nearby Cars and Engines

One of the scarier causes of bad air quality is carbon monoxide. Because it’s odorless and invisible, it can sneak up on you without warning. This is especially true if you have an attached garage where you keep cars, motorcycles, lawn motors, or similar items. Always have a carbon monoxide detector installed and functional to minimize the risk — or move your toxic engines outside.

You Feel Sick, Tired, or Distracted

Poor air can give you a lot of negative symptoms. You may believe you have the flu or another illness if you’re sneezing, coughing, feverish, short of breath, and more. But it could be caused by bad air quality. Bad air can also make you less motivated and more easily distracted and confused. If you notice these issues consistently, it’s time to try filtering your air.

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