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Heating Maintenance
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Heating Season

R. Poust Heating & Cooling offers plans to cover your heating season and gives you the confidence to trust in your boiler, heat pump or furnace on the coldest days of the year. Our plans cover all major brands regardless of where it was purchased from originally. An average bill for a heat pump repair is about $300 and for a boiler or central furnace repair is around $250, but protecting yourself with a contract plan can make it so you do not feel the full brunt of that repair.

Residential Gas Heating Service

Agreement is effective October 1st through April 15th for Heating Systems – Gas Fired Hot Air Furnaces and Gas Boilers up to 200,00 BTU Capacity
The one-time maintenance inspection includes:

  • Lubricating all electric motors
  • Tightened electrical connections
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Inspect pilot assembly
  • Inspect draft, limits, sensors & safeties
  • Inspect heat exchanger, combustion chamber and burners
  • Check temperature rise
  • Check belt (if applicable)
  • Inspect blower components
  • Replace standard 1” pleated air filter
  • Check duct work for dirt, debris and other contaminants
  • Inspect flue for rust soot
  • Cycle the system
  • Conduct carbon monoxide test

Residential Oil Heating Agreement

The one time maintenance inspection includes the following:

  • Vacuum flue and heat exchanger
  • Check the thimble and chimney
  • Lubricate the burner motor, circulator, and blower motor
  • Change the nozzle, pump strainer and oil filter
  • Replace standard 1” pleated air filter
  • Check and adjust the electrodes
  • Tightened electrical connections
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Perform an efficiency test
  • Inspect the fireye
  • Inspect blower components
  • Test the safety limit control
  • Inspect the pressure relief valve and pressure reducing valve
  • Check ductwork for dirt, debris & other contaminants
  • Conduct carbon monoxide test

Residential Heat Pump Service Agreement

All of the plans include two maintenance inspections, one for the heating season and one for the cooling season.

  • Lubricate the fan motors (if applicable)
  • Replace standard 1” pleated air filter
  • Take the amp drawn
  • Tighten the electrical connections
  • Take the temperature difference
  • Check for proper system charge
  • Inspect blower components
  • Check the supplemental heat
  • Check the emergency heat
  • Check ductwork for dirt, debris and other contaminants

Call R. Poust Heating & Cooling to speak with us about our plans that will make your life easier and more comfortable. We’ll walk you through picking the right plan for your needs, and offer excellent service throughout your contract. Use our easy contact form or call us at 973-579-1202.

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