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Your Sparta AC Installation and Repair Experts

For over 45 years, our team of air conditioning experts at R. Poust, Inc. has provided only the best-in-class service and the highest professional care to the residents of Sparta, NJ. Each one of our technicians is licenced and dedicated to understanding and helping you with any questions you have along the way.

We have built our business on quality.

In fact, our company motto is “Business Built on Quality”!

If you’re looking to maintain your AC, we have a maintainance plan for prolonging your Air Conditioning for your home or office.

Can R.Poust Make My Air Conditioner More Efficient?

Yes! We can help you improve efficiency on your current ac unit.

With potential tax credits and smaller monthly power bills, it only makes sense for a homeowner to tune into where they can make their home and appliances more energy-efficient. Some people even move to mini splits to save on power bills during the hot New Jersey months.

Before we come out to inspect your unit, here are some tips to follow along the way:

  • Schedule our team to service your air conditioning unit once a year
  • Have the air ducts in your home cleaned and rid of debris on a regular basis
  • The air filters in your air conditioning unit should be replaced on a quarterly basis. Don’t forget!

How long should my AC last

According to the ASHRAE Equipment Life Expectancy chart, the typical air conditioning or heat pump life expectancy is 15 years. Since there are a wide variety of efficiencies available, it’s always best to be pro-active and do research prior to a major breakdown so you don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision at an inconvenient time during the cooling season.

Most people don’t have another thought about their air conditioner past the fact that it makes cold air when they are hot. But, your air conditioner deserves a little more regard that just appreciation for making cold air.

In fact, your air conditioner has a significant impact on two things largely unrelated to the temperature of the air: your household budget and the environment inside of your home.

These can make a siginificant impace on your AC bill

  • The budget for your home

    when you are calculating your monthly bills for the month it is easy to recognize when it’s hot weather season. In fact, half of your energy bill can be attributed to running your air conditioner to cool the temperature of your home. With the cost of energy steadily on the rise there is no better time to consider making improvements to your air conditioner to make it more energy-efficient and thus cost-effective.

  • The environment inside of your home

    When moisture increases inside of a home, dangerous allergens like dust mites, mold, and bacteria are enticed to grow and infest. A good way to prevent this cycle is by reducing the moisture in the home. This can difficult if some rooms are not well ventilated. However, running a properly maintained air conditioner can contribute to reducing the overall moisture in your home, reducing the opportunity for dangerous elements to grow.

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Your home’s air conditioning unit is a sensitive and important investment.

When you contact our team you will always be treated with honesty and respect.

It is no coincidence that our customers keep coming back, we have earned a strong reputation and live our motto of “Business Built on Quality”. You can trust that working with R. Poust, Inc. means working with New Jersey’s best!

We offer free estimates for all new and replacement heating & cooling equipment.


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