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You have many important appliances in your home, but, your heater is one that can take a cozy winter evening to an absolutely disaster – quick! Keeping your heater properly maintained and functioning during the cold weather is important for a variety of reasons. For instance, during winter months the ground outside can get very cold and sometimes freezes. When this happens your plumbing pipes are also at risk for freezing. Freezing pipes will very often break open and, when the thaw comes, cause excessive flooding in your home.

Keeping your heater working and your home warm means that the plumbing in your home is kept warm from the inside and can aid in preventing a flood.

Also, when there is wet weather such as snow and rain your home can begin to trap moisture. This is a dangerous situation because moisture means the potential for mold and bacteria to grow. If you have anyone in your home who has allergies or asthma, having these dangerous pollutants in your home can be very harmful. A properly working heater helps to dry the extra moisture from your home and eliminate the potential invasion.

At R. Poust, Inc. our dedicated team of highly-trained, professional heating technicians are very familiar with all types of heating situations. During the 45+ years we have been in business, our team has gained an exceptional reputation for being clean and courteous. We provide cutting-edge skill and always have the right tools for the job.

What Are Some Reasons My Furnace Might Stop Working?

All parts of your heating system must be working together for the entire system to properly function. Some regularly occurring issues are:

  1. The pilot light went out
  2. The heating unit refuses to turn on
  3. The blower stays on constantly
  4. The unit is making a weird noise

These are some obvious signs that you should call R. Poust, Inc. for a maintenance check. While these sound like minor problems, they can escalate into bigger issues:

  1. If you do not hear the fan come on when the thermostat is engaged, you may not have power to your furnace.
  2. If you hear sounds like squeaks and squeals coming from your furnace, the motor might be ready to give out
  3. If you cannot get the main burner to stay lit, you may need to have the flame sensor cleaned
  4. If you cannot get the main burner to light at all, you may not be getting a good gas supply
  5. If the blower is always running and won’t shut off, the heater’s air filters probably need to be changed
  6. Poust, Inc. is an authorized dealer of Lennox equipment and is proud to provide these quality products to our customers. For more than 45 years our team has helped customer determine which heating unit best fits their needs and budget, and then has provided maintenance and repair for those same customers. We have earned and are proud of our reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. Each of our technicians is a highly-trained professional and is dedicated to providing superior service and exceptional care to all of our customers.
We offer free estimates for all new and replacement heating & cooling equipment.


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