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For the most part no one thinks about how their air conditioner contributes to their home – other than the fact that it cools the air during hot weather. In fact, your air conditioner is a significant appliance that impacts both your home’s budget and environment.

    • Your home’s budget – When the hot weather is upon us the power bills can get outrageous. This is because running your air conditioner contributes to just about ½ of your monthly energy bill. At R. Poust, Inc. saving you money is important to us and we have a lot information to contribute on the subject. Talk with one of our technicians and we can provide you with information on energy-efficient units that will help to reduce your energy bill.
    • Your home’s environment – If your air conditioner is properly maintained it can greatly reduce the level of moisture that is in your home. Having excess moisture in your home can create an inviting environment for bacteria, dust mites, and bacteria to grow in. Having any of these dangerous allergens in your home can be harmful to you and your family, especially if any member of the home has asthma or allergies.

R. Poust, Inc. has earned a strong reputation during our 45+ years in business for providing expert air conditioning support and exceptional customer service. You can trust that when you contact us you will be treated with honesty and integrity. We are dedicated to using only licensed, top-quality parts and products and will always address each maintenance, installation, and repair call with only the best service.

How Does My Air Conditioner Work?

Has it ever occurred to you to learn about what is happening in your air conditioner to make the air cold? It might surprise you to know that your air conditioner works nearly the same as your refrigerator does. Inside of the air conditioner is a refrigerant in the form of a gas called Freon. The air conditioner’s compressor begins to compress the refrigerant and causes it to get pressurized and hot. Once the gas is hot and under pressure it begins to pass through the condenser coils of the air conditioner, this process reduces the pressure and heat of the gas until it becomes a cold liquid. A fan blows air over the cold liquid refrigerant, thus cooling the building.

How Can I Make My Air Conditioner More Efficient?

Homeowners can’t ignore the need for being energy-efficient. Not only are there energy and tax rebates, but also reduced monthly power bills. Some tips for maintaining an energy-efficient air conditioner include:

  • Have your air conditioner professionally services once per year by your friendly R. Poust, Inc. technician
  • Your air conditioner needs new air filters every three months
  • The air ducts in your home must be cleaned regularly
  • Blinds and heat blocking curtains can prevent UV from the sun from creeping in
  • Running ceiling fans will cycle cooled air more efficiently

Your air conditioner is a vital part of your home and should always be serviced by a professional. Luckily, the team at R. Poust, Inc. is highly-skilled in all types of air conditioning needs and can provide you with expert support. For over 45 years we have established and maintained a strong reputation for honesty and integrity. Our clients know that we not only claim to be the best – but, we deliver!

We offer free estimates for all new and replacement heating & cooling equipment.


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