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How often should I change my air filters?

That depends on what type of air filter system you have. Generally, you should check it on a monthly basis and change it as needed. Dirty filters will not only decrease air flow & efficiency, but can also cause minor as well as major damage to your system.

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My unit isn’t running at all. What can I check?

Check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped. Power outages can be one cause of a tripped breaker. If the heating system isn’t running, check the emergency switch to make sure that is “on”. Also, make sure your thermostat is on too.

When is it a good time to consider replacement of the system?

Energy Star suggests that you should consider replacement if your system is 12-15 years old. Today’s newer systems, can be more energy efficient, using less energy, which in turn will cost you less to operate.

Why should I have yearly maintenance conducted on my system?

A heating and air conditioning system is often one of the largest investments a homeowner will make. But it is also one of the most overlooked parts of the house until it breaks down. Routine maintenance not only keeps the system in top operating condition but also catches minor problems before they become expensive major ones.

When should I consider purchasing a contract? Which contract should I choose?

We offer a variety of contracts, starting with basic maintenance contracts. Having a qualified service technician conduct routine maintenance is the most important step to keeping your comfort system in peak performance. Other plans that are offered are more of an insurance plan. You can pick and choose which plans and pieces of equipment you would like to cover.

Do I need to add freon (or refrigerant) to my air conditioning system?

Your air conditioning system has a sealed refrigerant system. You should never have to add freon to a system. If freon needs to be added, then there is a leak somewhere throughout the system. Sometimes the source of the leak is very evident, other times it can be a lengthy process to find a leak.

My system won’t shut off and continuously runs. What can be wrong?

First thing to check is your thermostat. If the “FAN” switch is in the “ON” position, this will make the blower in your system run continuously. A continuously running fan will circulate air throughout the house eliminating hot-spots throughout the house in the summer time. Some people choose to have the fan run continuously and others only want the fan to run when the thermostat is calling for heating or cooling. If you would prefer to have the system runs only when it is calling for heating or cooling, make sure your “FAN” switch is in the “AUTO” position. If you put the “FAN” in the a “AUTO” position when the system isn’t calling for heating or cooling and it continuously runs, then a service call needs to be schedule.

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