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Reasons Your AC Might Be Failing to Work Properly

Reasons Your AC Might Be Failing to Work Properly

During the New Jersey summer months, the difference between you and your family living in comfort or suffering through heat waves can be a well-functioning AC unit. The last thing one of your family members wants to have happen is to return home after a long day out in the sun to be hit with even hotter air when they open the front door. Unfortunately, there are many reasons your AC might fail. Here are some of them.

Vents Are Not Open

If the AC doesn’t seem to be working, make sure all your vents are open. It is a simple fix but is a problem that can be easily overlooked. Vents blocked by furniture, dirt, or debris can also impede the airflow through the system.

Fans Are Not Working Correctly

Fans are an essential part of your AC system. After all, if the air isn’t being moved through your system, the cold air isn’t being forced into your home, and the hot air isn’t being forced out. There are many reasons that the fans may not be working correctly, including electrical problems and leaks in the components that cool the air. It is also important to note that any dust and dirt built up on the fans will cause inefficiency. 

The Thermostat Is Inaccurate

Another common reason that an AC system isn’t working as it should is that the thermostat isn’t set correctly. This can cause the AC to not turn on when it’s supposed to, even when it’s set to very low temperatures. The fix to this might be as simple as replacing the batteries; however, often it is more complicated than that.

Your AC Hasn’t Been Professionally Inspected

The truth is that many AC problems are caused by subtle leaks or inefficient energy use. A professional can spot damage to your system that is not apparent. A professional can also make sure none of the components are outdated or of low quality. To schedule an AC inspection by experts, contact R. Poust, Inc. today.

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