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Are You Ready For Spring in Sparta, NJ?

Are You Ready For Spring in Sparta, NJ?

For some, looking out the window at the mounds of snow that seems to go nowhere may make them think that spring is never going to get here. However, on a closer inspection, some small signs of spring are visible. Clocks have sprung forward, temps are getting a little better, and the sun is starting to slowly melt away the snow and ice. It’s time to start thinking about putting your heating system to rest and getting your AC ready for the coming warm weather ahead.

Adding these tasks to your spring-cleaning is a must. It poses several benefits. One is that you know your systems will be ready for when you need them. Another is that it can help with lowering your bills because your systems will be running optimally. Finally, it can help to prolong the life of your systems because they will get the TLC they need.

  • Change out the dirty air

  • It may not look dirty, but it’s vital to the health of your system. Filters should be changed about every two to three months. If you have a house where you know the dust accumulates at a rather rapid pace, it is safe to assume your filter might be closer to the two-month mark. Not changing your filter means that your system might have to work harder for airflow. This means it is costing more money due to energy use and could eventually burn out your system.

  • Clean off systems

  • Clearing off the dust from the systems themselves can help to keep the filters clean along with any other vents. Don’t forget the outdoor AC condensing unit. A soft broom can be used to clean off the outdoor AC unit. Make sure to get the fins on it. Also, be sure to clear the area surrounding the outdoor unit. This may mean pulling some weeds or plants from around the base to ensure that no vents are blocked. Washing it with the hose is another option if it is really messy, but be sure to turn off the power to the unit.Replace Air Conditioning, Sparta, NJ

  • Don’t stop with just checking around the base of the outdoor

  • AC unit for debris that are blocking vents. Vents from your dryer on the outside of the house along with vents and air returns inside the home should be cleaned. Make sure your furniture or other household items are not blocking interior vents. A good vacuuming of these areas can help clear up any pet dander, dust and other dirt that can accumulate in these areas.

  • Get help when you need it. Establishing a regular preventative maintenance and cleaning routine with R. Poust Heating and Cooling can go a long way towards keeping your system running right on the coolest and hottest days of the year. Getting regular maintenance on your systems can identify potential problems before they become problems. Leaks, repairs, thermostat issues, airflow problems and more can be found when using an annual maintenance plan.

Summer is on the way, so get ready to put your heating system to bed and rev up your AC system by giving them a little TLC.


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