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Preparing Your AC for Summer

Preparing Your AC for Summer

The New Jersey winter is over, and the spring weather is warming up quickly. Soon, the grueling heat of summer will be upon us, and once this weather hits, the last thing you want is to turn on your air conditioning just to find out it’s not working the way it should! Fortunately, you can do things to prepare your AC for summer, so it will work efficiently when you need it most.

Check the Filters

You have likely not used your AC unit over the winter months and may not have thought about it since the fall. Now is a great time to check your HVAC filters. You should replace these filters every 90 days, and this easy-to-do maintenance is a big part of your system running efficiently. It is important to note that these filters may need replacing sooner than 90 days, especially if you live in a house with many people or pets.

Clean Condenser Coils

An AC unit usually contains condenser coils located in a metal condenser box, most often found outside your house. This unit is generally covered during the winter, but even so, dust and dirt can accumulate in it. If the unit has remained uncovered, there will most certainly be leaves and other debris built up. In either case, cleaning the coils found inside the unit will ensure that air will flow through the condenser unit efficiently.

Make Sure Air Can Flow Through the System Like it Should

If there are leaks in the system’s ductwork, then the AC won’t work the way it should. This may cause your system to use more energy for less benefit. The average person can usually spot large leaks and cracks, so once the weather begins heating up, it won’t hurt to inspect all aspects of the unit.

Schedule Professional Inspection And Maintenance

One of the best things you can do to prepare your AC system for summer is to schedule an inspection by professionals. The experts at R. Poust, Inc., can spot any potential problems in your HVAC system, discover what parts may need replacing and make sure that all the components are high-quality. Contact R. Poust, Inc. today for all your HVAC needs. 

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