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Just a Heating Repair or Time to Replace the Furnace?

Just a Heating Repair or Time to Replace the Furnace?

R Poust Heating | Furnace Replacement

This question seems to be tricky for some North Jersey homeowners. They may worry about whether a repair will do the trick for the winter or if they have to replace their heater altogether. A furnace inspection can help answer this for you. During the inspection, the professional technician will be looking for problems, potential and real, to give you a greater idea of what needs to happen to your heater. Your furnace might not be worth repairing, and it may be better to look at the benefits of installing a new model that will probably offer better energy efficiency.

Signs a Replacement is Needed

• You’ve had your heater repaired numerous times. Potentially could be costing you more money to repair than to replace.
• Your equipment is around fifteen years old or older. Most Lennox heating units have an expected life of about twelve years. Yes, it may still be working, but it may not be performing well. Equipment this old is probably costing you more money to run with poorer results.
• You’ve noticed that there are different temperatures in different areas of your home or business. The temperature of rooms can fluctuate which could be a problem. Yes, it could be with the ducts or with improper insulation of the building, but it could be that your current heater does not function as it should be overall.
• You may notice that the heat in your home is quite dry. A heater that is not running right can make this happen in your home.
• You just turned your heater on with the recent outbreak of colder air and snow, and you notice some funny smells and loud noises. The funny smell itself can be okay if it only lingers for a bit, but if it still appears long after you started the heater, there is more than likely a serious problem with your heating system.

What Benefits Are There from Investing in a New Heater?

• Lower energy bills! Yes, you paid for a new heater, but you will reap the benefits for years to come. Your old heater probably took more energy to run even when it was brand new because it did not have the energy efficiency that today’s models have. Plus, your old system was not operating as efficiently as it had been when it was new, so that’s a pretty big strain on energy.R Poust Heating | Furnace Replacement
• You also have the financial protection of a warranty. As time goes by, your new heater may require some attention, and your five-year limited warranty will be there to protect you in most situations. The warranty will give you peace of mind that you did not have with your old heater.
• A new system means that you will no longer have to deal with a broken system and costly repairs. This convenience means that you don’t have to worry about your family during the winter.
• Not only do you have the convenience of not worrying over your heater, but your comfort level will be higher. Your home furnace will run more efficient manner. That means your home will no longer have hot or cold spots, your air will not be too dry, and the airflow will be consistent. It may also run more quietly than your previous heater.
• Your air quality will improve. Your air circulations will Your new heating system will have better filtration than your old system as long as you change out your filters as prescribed. Plus, your air is now at the proper humidity that won’t require you to constantly lotion up during the winter.
• The heater will be eco-friendlier. You’ll be conserving energy by not having to use as much to heat your home and helping the environment all in one shot.

Still not sure about whether you should go for a repair or replacement? R. Poust Heating & Cooling is here to answer any questions you have. We can help you with your options after your heating inspection and get you ready for the winter weather ahead no matter your decision. Our professionals are ready and able to work on your repair or replacement. Contact Us!Next-icon


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