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Important Cleaning Tasks for Maintaining Your AC Unit

Important Cleaning Tasks for Maintaining Your AC Unit

As with most major appliances, staying up to date on routine maintenance for your air conditioning unit is essential for the proper functioning of your device. Between getting rid of excess debris to ensuring the cleanliness of your AC unit, routine maintenance is key to preserving the health of your system. Some of the most useful cleaning routines for your AC unit include:

  • Cleaning any external vents. The external vents that deliver air throughout your home are prone to picking up dust and debris kicked up by your system’s air delivery. Keeping these grates clean and free of dust is aesthetically more appealing and is also essential for keeping your airflow unobstructed.
  • Change the filter as needed. As a general rule of thumb, your air conditioner filter should be changed at least twice a year. However, depending on the speed of debris buildup on your filter, checking and changing your filter as needed is key to creating clean, unobstructed airflow through your vents.
  • Clean your unit before seasonal temperature shifts. At least twice a year, you should take the time to deep clean your external and internal air conditioning unit parts, including repairing any damage to the fins of your machine and draining any accumulated water in your evaporator drain as well.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance With an HVAC Technician

For some cleaning tasks, such as flushing your home’s air ducts, contacting an HVAC technician is essential to completing the job. For those living with pets, especially those prone to shedding, deeper cleaning may be needed to keep your air conditioning system functioning at the right capacity. At R. Poust, Inc., our HVAC technicians can evaluate your air conditioning system, help diagnose any problems with your current setup, and repair any necessary parts, guaranteed. For more information on our services, including a complete list of what our skilled technicians can handle, contact us today.


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