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How to Conserve Energy in Your New Jersey Home This Spring

How to Conserve Energy in Your New Jersey Home This Spring

With the warmest conditions of the year just around the corner, most homeowners in Sparta Township, New Jersey are assuming they will see their utility bills rise as they begin to switch on their air conditioning units to cool their homes. However, there are several simple ways homeowners can preserve energy and keep their monthly utility bills down this year. Look at the following tips to minimize energy usage while keeping your home comfortable during the warmer months.


Open Windows


Letting the fresh spring air in by opening a few windows increases the ventilation of your home and has a natural cooling effect. Because springtime temperatures tend to be moderate, this season is the best time to utilize this advice.


Utilize Ceiling and Plug-In Fans

Flowing air feels cool on the skin, which is why ceiling and plugin fans can enable you to increase the temperature setting on your thermostat by four degrees without sacrificing comfort levels.


Replace Your Air Conditioners’ Filters

Cleaning and replacing your air filters can help reduce your air conditioning’s energy usage by 15 percent. While you are at it, look at your unit’s evaporator coil, which requires cleaning once a year to ensure the effectiveness of your AC. You may also want to consider having your air conditioning serviced during the springtime before you start to use it daily.


Seal Ducts

Ducts are responsible for almost 30 percent of an air conditioner’s energy usage, which means air loss through unsealed ducts can cause higher energy expenses. Taking the time to seal and insulate your ducts is a simple task that can help you cut down on your utility bills.


Caulk Cracks

In addition to sealing ducts, use caulk to cover any cracks or openings in your home. This can help decrease air loss, decrease humidity and enhance your home’s air quality. Look closely for any openings in areas around electrical outlets, windows, doors, and attics.


Cover Your Windows

Installing energy-efficient window films or using window coverings such as curtains or blinds, can drastically lower the amount of the sun’s heat transferred into your home.

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