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Checklist for Spring Maintenance

Checklist for Spring Maintenance

Checking your home yearly for damages and having maintenance checks can significantly increase the longevity of your home and its systems. Protecting your home from potential issues, it can better protect you in the future.

Clean Gutters

Dirty and clogged gutters can lead to home water damage and plumbing issues. If rain collects around your foundation, it can lead to shifting soil. Shifting soils can lead to strain on pipes that create cracks and even burst pipes. Before the rainy season starts, be sure to clear your gutters of debris and ensure they are effectively taking water away from your home’s siding and foundation.

Inspect Your HVAC

Ensuring your HVAC system is in working order is essential as spring rolls in. Check that your AC is functional, rather than waiting until the hottest day to find out it’s failed. Replace air filters to improve the health of your home during pollen season and your HVAC systems’ lifespan. Professional service on your AC unit and air filtration system can ensure that you have an effective system.

Check Your Home’s Foundation

Temperatures and shifting soil can cause damage to your home’s foundation. Inspect it both inside and out for cracks and other damages. The sooner minor damages are professionally checked, the better, as it’s less likely to become a costly issue.

Tree Pruning and Cutting

Trees left to grow wild are more likely to have a larger root system, which could break into water pipes and sewer lines. Trimming trees not only keeps them looking nice, but keeps your pipes safer. It also reduces the danger of large branches falling on or against your home during storms.

Working With Professionals

Spring brings a great time to clean up your home and ensure that any winter damages are repaired. For professional maintenance and repair services, contact R. Poust, Inc., today.

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