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3 Tips To Keep Your Home And Family Cozy This Winter

3 Tips To Keep Your Home And Family Cozy This Winter

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15846129_sThis far into the cold weather season, most homeowners have had their heater on at least in the evening hours if not all day long. This is the time of year when staying warm and cozy inside is a priority and going out into the weather is reserved only for activities like work or school.

Even if you and your family do enjoy a day on the mountain skiing, or some tubing down the local snow hill, coming home to a toasty warm house is a must!

But, this is also the time of year when those spots in your home that never really get warm reveal themselves. You know the ones. That draft that always seems to linger in the family room. Or, the one bedroom that seems to be 10 degrees cooler than any other room in the house.

If this problem sounds familiar, check out these tips for dealing this fairly common problem:

  • People with a two-story home are already fighting an uphill battle. Even if your heater is newer and highly-efficient, the hot air will naturally rise and the second story will always be hotter than the first floor. To prevent this, close the ducts in the downstairs rooms before you go to bed at night so that the hot air if forced through the vents upstairs at a higher volume.
  • For those rooms that stay cool at night, consider adding a humidifier to counter the cool temperature. A humidifier will add moist, heated air to the room and keep the temperature of that individual room warmer than the other rooms without having to increase the temperature on the thermostat.
  • Schedule an inspection of your heating system to make sure there aren’t any blockages or malfunctions that are causing the rooms not to heat evenly. Most homes have a room that never gets warm and this isn’t always a sign that the heater isn’t working properly. But, it is worth investigating because identifying the problem sooner than later will ensure an easier fix.

This scenario can be a real problem for families because all rooms are usually slept in by someone, which means that either one room is left colder and that person gets extra blankets or, the thermostat gets turned up and the other people are left to sweat it out in their rooms. Follow these tips to ensure that your home is evenly heated this winter.


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