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3 Steps For Heating System Maintenance Before Summer

3 Steps For Heating System Maintenance Before Summer

21579260_sThis month, some people are starting to think about spring and outdoor activities. You can’t go into the stores this time of year without being bombarded with eggs and baskets for Easter!

Not only is this the time of year to start thinking about transitioning your activities from indoors to outdoors, but it is also the time of year to be paying close attention to your heater.

It has just carried you through the major part of a harsh winter, and it might be needing a little bit of TLC. Rather than simply moving from the cold weather to the warm weather and not paying any attention to your heating system, consider scheduling a heating system maintenance check to make sure that it is in good shape for sitting dormant during the warm weather season that is approaching.

Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong with your heating system:

  • Broken thermostat. Not only can your thermostat be broken but, it could be miscalibrated leaving you confused about the temperature on the screen and the temperature that your body is registering. If you are feeling cold but, the thermostat is not causing the heater to kick on, you might raise the temperature which will cause your heater to work even harder than it needs to. Having a properly working thermostat is essential to the energy efficiency of your heating system.
  • Motors are worn down. During the winter months, your heater probably runs non-stop. You might change the temperature on the thermostat depending on the time of day, but for the most part the motors and blower fan are running all the time. It is important to make sure that these motors are properly cared for to make sure they don’t burn out.
  • Air filter that is clogged. When the air filter of your heating system is clogged, the blower fan runs more often than it needs to in order to push enough hot air out so that your thermostat registered the temperature that it has been set to. Keeping a clean air filter in your system is very important to energy efficiency.

Keep your heating system working properly and with the best efficiency by scheduling your heating system maintenance appointment now. Don’t put your system away for the season without making sure it is ready for next season.

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